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1. I bet a lot of you forgot this was in your RSS feeds. Hi! Suprise! …and thank you, true believer, for not deleting this

(1a. yeah, it’s fine if that was an oversight and you go ahead and delete me from your RSS now. Still: thanks! maybe catch you later, eh?)

2. Commenting is disabled across the site. If you still feel you must comment on an item, reach out to me on Twitter (@m_dot_blind) or Facebook.

3. This is the second incarnation of the RocketBomber blog — if you surfed in on a link and got a 404 error, try the URL again but replace with All of the old articles are still there, just moved [entirely] to that subdomain. I no longer update (or fix anything) over there, but a little extra effort should get you to where you thought you were going.

We’ll both have to see what’s next. There isn’t really a plan, just a site I can publish to and an itch.

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